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December 10, 2017—January 28, 2018
Meets 4 Sundays from 3-6pm: Dec 10 & 24, Jan 14 & 28

Please join us for a four-part discussion series sparked by four provocative films that focus on the most-timely theme of “otherness."

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January 26, 2018—January 28, 2018

Evidence of the presence of feminine representations of the Divine in sacred Jewish texts and artifacts has been hiding in plain sight throughout the ages. But it has taken the emergence of contemporary feminist scholarship and sensitivities to begin to reclaim and to celebrate this heritage and to reintegrate the Divine Feminine into Jewish life. Master teachers Jill Hammer and Shoshana Jedwab are leaders on this cutting edge of Jewish scholarship and practice, and we are thrilled to be able to bring them to the WJC.