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LSI Initiates Jewish-Christian Clergy Study Group with the Institute of Advanced Theology

The Lev Shalem Institute (LSI) of the Woodstock Jewish Congregation is pleased to announce an exciting collaboration with the Institute of Advanced Theology (IAT) at Bard College. Together we have convened a group of Jewish and Christian clergy who will be exploring together the central ideas and approaches of our respective traditions, sharing an honest exploration of where we converge and where we differ, and in the process becoming better acquainted and sharing our personal journeys as well.

This project was initiated by Rev. Susan Auchincloss, and is being convened led by her, Professor Bruce Chilton, the founder and director of IAT, Rabbi Jonathan Kligler, the senior scholar of LSI, and Gail Albert, PhD.

Given our demanding schedules, we are thrilled to have been able to pull this together. The group will meet for six sessions this fall, alternating between the Woodstock Jewish Congregation and the Church of the Messiah in Rhinebeck, NY.

One outcome we hope for is that some of the participants will want to translate the work we do together into convening groups in their own churches, synagogues and other institutions, so that this kind of intellectually honest and emotionally engaging dialogue might spread organically among thoughtful Christians and Jews in our region and beyond. We also hope that this is the first of many joint efforts between IAT and LSI, enriching spiritual life and dialogue in our region.