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Sunday, December 10, 2017—Sunday, January 28, 2018

Meets 4 Sundays from 3-6pm: Dec 10 & 24, Jan 14 & 28

Movies that Matter: A Provocative Film and Discussion Series

Ellen Foreman

Please join us for a four-part discussion series sparked by four provocative films that focus on the most-timely theme of “otherness.”  The category of “the other” cuts deeply into our understanding of human history, thought and consciousness. Together we will explore our attitudes, experiences, behaviors and beliefs, both conscious and unconscious, that have influenced our lives, with the goal that greater awareness can lead to change for the better. We are intentionally not disclosing film titles so that participants view each film freshly and without prejudgments.

The entire community is invited to participate and to attend all four sessions if possible. There is no fee for the series but your donations are most welcome and most helpful.

Ellen Foreman has had an eclectic career, including university teaching and administration in N.Y. and Japan, theatre critiquing in London, and crisis counseling in Woodstock. She has designed and taught interdisciplinary courses, most recently “Movies that Matter” in the LLI program at Bard College. She has travelled widely and has a particular interest in understanding other cultures. She especially enjoys participating in spirited and respectful discussion about provocative topics.