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Spiritual Growth

We humans always have the capacity to grow. Early in life, our energies are devoted to physical maturation and mastery of the world around us. But we are also gifted with what the Jewish tradition calls our neshama – our soul – the mysterious sense of inner awareness that makes us who we are. While our physical growth peaks when we reach adulthood, we are never too old to continue to grow our souls and our hearts.The questions are rich, essential, and sustaining:

  • What is my purpose here?
  • How do I navigate and embrace this complicated world with an open heart?
  • What is the next lesson that awaits me in my life?

Animated by these questions, we begin to understand that our lives are indeed a quest, a spiritual journey toward greater wisdom, love, and awareness. Judaism, like all spiritual traditions, offers a road map to guide you on your journey. The Jewish path has been refined and developed by Jewish seekers for over 3,000 years, and its teachings can illuminate our paths as well.

Grow your soul at the Lev Shalem Institute.