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Judaism is truly a feast of teaching and wisdom. Perhaps you are eager to learn and to deepen your knowledge of Jewish teachings and traditions.

One of the marvelous attributes of Judaism is that learning is elevated to the level of a sacred practice; learning is a way to draw near to God. Therefore studying sacred texts together is much more than an academic exercise. The text becomes the landscape of our own quests, and in interpreting that text we join a 3,000-year-long conversation about how to live a meaningful, righteous, and fulfilling life.

As we learn about Judaism, we discover that every single mitzvah – that is, every Jewish practice – has both an outward and an inward purpose. So, for example, as we light the Shabbat candles we welcome the peace of the Sabbath both in our homes and in our souls; when we eat the matzah on Passover we practice empathy toward the downtrodden and we take note of where we ourselves are still enslaved.

In this richly Jewish way, study and practice come together to create the matrix for the transformative power of education.

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