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The simple joy of being alive is everyone’s birthright. Whenever we see a happy baby, we know this is true. And yet as we grow up, our connection to this joy becomes attenuated and sporadic. Life does not need to be this way. In fact, the very purpose of Shabbat and holidays, blessings and prayers, and religious and spiritual practices as a whole is to restore our connection to the wellsprings of full-hearted, joyful living. As the prophet Isaiah exhorted us, “U’shavtem mayim b’sasson…” – “Draw water in joy from the living well!”

Sadly and ironically, much of organized religious practice mistakes solemnity for the sacred. At LSI we restore joy to its needed and wonderful place at the center of our lives. At LSI, we bathe in humor, rejoice in dance and song, revel in our beautiful natural surroundings, and breathe in life’s goodness, as we lift our cups and drink joy from its source. And as we fill with joy, we naturally become wellsprings of joy and love for others. Perhaps this is one of the next steps on your journey. If so, please take it with us.

Nurture full-hearted joy at the Lev Shalem Institute.