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Healing means restoring a sense of wholeness from our fractured existence, as Jews, as human beings, and as children of the universe. Whatever the source of your dis-ease, the healing wisdom of Jewish teachings can help restore an abiding sense of wholeness to your life.

One area of focus at LSI is the trauma that Jews have historically experienced simply for being Jewish. This accumulated pain lodges deeply and often unconsciously within us, and within our Jewish communities. The scar tissue of anti-Semitism, oppression, or other trauma can stiffen us and impede us from embracing and celebrating our identities as Jews and as human beings. At LSI we are committed to helping Jews embrace and celebrate their Jewish selves.

But of course there’s no such thing as exclusively “Jewish” pain; every person faces painful challenges in life, regardless of background or station. By creating a safe space of unconditional acceptance and support, we can shine a light into these darkened places and become choosers of our own paths, rather than unaware reactors to inherited pain and fear.

“Heal” and “whole” derive from the same linguistic root. As we heal, we become more integrated, more whole. Within the loving safety of LSI, you will find the nurturing, open-hearted space to heal the fissures in your soul.

Heal your soul at the Lev Shalem Institute.