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Lev Shalem Institute of the Woodstock Jewish Congregation

For almost 30 years, Rabbi Jonathan Kligler and the Woodstock Jewish Congregation have pioneered an approach to Judaism that is centered on the heart. We even chose our Hebrew name to reflect this focus: Kehillat Lev Shalem, the Congregation of a Full Heart. We have invited all who enter our doors to include their hearts and souls as well as their minds into a full-hearted and fully alive Jewish experience. On countless occasions, visitors attending a service, a bar or bat mitzvah, or a class have approached us afterwards with joy on their faces or tears in their eyes, saying, “I never knew Judaism could be like this!” or “I wish I lived closer — I would come all the time!”

We have always felt that we have a treasured resource at the Woodstock Jewish Congregation that is worthy of sharing with the wider community beyond our beautiful Mid-Hudson Valley, and so in 2014 we created the Lev Shalem Institute (LSI) of the Woodstock Jewish Congregation. LSI provides a year-round offering of workshops, events, and classes designed to inspire full-hearted living through the wisdom, joy, and gifts of Judaism. LSI is a center for learning, creativity, healing, and spiritual growth that is open to all seekers.

Rabbi Jonathan Kligler is the spiritual leader of the Woodstock Jewish Congregation. Under Rabbi Jonathan’s inspiring leadership, the Woodstock Jewish Congregation has developed from a tiny “start-up” synagogue into the largest congregation in the region, with devoted members throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley and beyond. The Lev Shalem Institute now makes it possible for many others to participate for weekend workshops and other classes and special events at our beautiful synagogue surrounded by 34 acres of fields, ponds, and forest, in the storied arts and music community of Woodstock, New York.


Woodstock Jewish Congregation

The Woodstock Jewish Congregation – Kehillat Lev Shalem is located in Woodstock, New York, approximately 100 miles north of New York City, in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. The handicapped-accessible building is located on 34 acres, which include two ponds and many hiking trails.

Office hours: Monday-Thursday 11:00-5:00, Friday 11:00-4:00

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