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“In The Tent of Abraham: The Mystical Heart of Islam, Christianity and Judaism” begins this coming Tuesday, November 15!

Dear Friends,

Just a brief note today to remind you all about the course that I will be co-teaching with inspiring colleagues at the WJC beginning this coming Tuesday, November 15, 1:45-3:45pm: “In the Tent of Abraham: The Mystical Heart of Islam, Christianity and Judaism”.

It certainly seems to me that we need this kind of dialogue more than ever at this moment and following this week’s election. In the face of the ascendant rhetoric of divisiveness, this course will be one way that we step towards the “other”, by learning together about our traditions, what we share and where we differ.

All the information and a fuller description are on the flyer below, and also on our website. You can register by clicking here, or simply come to the first class on Tuesday. And if you cannot attend, we will be recording the classes and hope to post the audio online.

Also, remember that Shabbat services are a great opportunity to remember that below the stormy surface of our lives, a great ocean of love and wholeness is always present. Shabbat helps us remember, experience and draw equanimity and strength from the living waters of life. You are always welcome. From now until March our Kabbalat Shabbat service begins in Fridays at 6pm, and our Shabbat morning service is from 10am-12pm. Tomorrow after services we are sharing a potluck lunch – bring a dairy/vegetarian dish and join us!

Shabbat Shalom and Love,

Rabbi Jonathan