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The Lev Shalem Institute (LSI) is the center for inspiring full-hearted living through the wisdom, joy, and gifts of Judaism. Participate for a day, a weekend workshop, or even longer intensive retreats at our beautiful synagogue surrounded by 34 acres of fields, ponds and forest, in the storied arts and music community of Woodstock, New York. Join our email list. Follow us as we grow.
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Lev Shalem Institute (LSI) Hosts International Women’s Scribal Conference

In October 2015, the Lev Shalem Institute of the Woodstock Jewish Congregation was host to the third-ever international gathering of sofrot – women Torah scribes. A group of women from …

Carol Fox Prescott reflects on “The Torah of Broadway”

The Torah of Broadway weekend seemed to me to be a totally delicious experience for all concerned. What stands out for me is that besides the plain fun of it, …

We’re “Over the Rainbow”! The Torah of Broadway weekend lifted our spirits so high…

Broadway’s much-loved show tunes were a prism that shone new light on the Torah throughout this joyous weekend workshop. Starting Friday evening with “Getting to Know You”, from The King …

“In the Voice of Our Mothers – Becoming the Women of Exodus: A New Way to Tell the Story of Passover” resumes Sunday, August 23!

In March, on the three Sundays just before Passover, Susan Rosen and Carol Fox Prescott led us on an amazing adventure. We projected ourselves into the bodies, minds, hearts, and …

Here’s a little taste of last weekend’s Teshuvah workshop

Last weekend’s “Teshuvah: Return to the Home of Your Soul” with Rabbi Jonathan Kligler at The Lev Shalem Institute of the Woodstock Jewish Congregation provided me with a profoundly meaningful …

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Upcoming Programs

March 10, 2016—June 9, 2016
10 Thursdays: March 10, 17, 31, April 7, 14, May 5, 12, 26, June 2, 9, 12:15-2pm
April 5, 2016—May 24, 2016
7 Tuesday evenings, 6:30pm-8:30pm April 5, 12, 19, May 3, 10, 17, 24
April 29, 2016—May 1, 2016
4:30pm Friday - 2pm Sunday
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Behar: We Do Not Own the Earth

V’ha’aretz lo timacher l’tzmitut, ki li ha’aretz, ki gerim v’toshavim atem imadi The land cannot be sold in perpetuity, for the land belongs to Me, and you are but temporary …

Emor: An Eye for an Eye?

V’ish ki yiten mum ba’amito, ka’asher asah ken ya’aseh lo: shever tachat shever, ayin tachat ayin, shen tachat shen. Ka’asher yiten mum ba’adam, ken yinaten bo.  A person who inflicts …

LISTEN: The Spring Jewish Holidays – Yom Hashoah

The Mitzvah of Tochecha: Tough Love

Lo tisna et achicha bilvavecha; hochei’ach tochi’ach et amitecha v’lo tisa alav chet. Do not hate your brother or sister in your heart; you must admonish, yes, admonish them or …

Acharei Mot: The First Yom Kippur

V’hayta la’chem l’chukat olam: ba’chodesh ha’shvi’I be’asor lachodesh t’anu et nafshoteichem, v’chol m’lacha lo ta’asu, ha’ezrach v’hager hagar b’tochechem. Ki va’yom hazeh y’chaper aleichem l’taher etchem mikol chatoteichem… And this …